Project Management

We offer full site and project management for our out-of-state and local companies looking to have a project overseen or managed. We understand every aspect of our work and take pride in our knowledge and skill-set to problem solve. Our respect and network within the industry all benefit you.


Full Installation Service

Our Turn-Key Service offers the peace of mind and ease of management that sometimes happens when you have multiple contractors on site. Whether it’s a Roof or Ground Mount, we have you covered.  We offer permits, trenching, excavation, concrete, racking, panels, fencing and landscaping to wrap your project up properly.


Site Visits

Need an initial site visit to obtain Voltages, Pathfinder reports, Roof Measurements/Pitches, One Call, Logistics, OSHA/safety prep, etc? DMH can help you save the costs of travel to the site and get away from relying on computer generated specs.