DMH Solar

Mechanical Solar Installations

Serving the United States as your premier  foundation expert and go-to racking installer

DMH Solar is a mechanical installation company that can handle all of your project needs; from the first post installed to the last module mounted. You can leave your project to us, knowing that you will receive unmatched service from our in-house crews who possess the skills and experience needed for a safe and profitable installation.

Refusal Remediation

Pile Installation

Mechanical Installation

We have solar installation sites in over 18 states across the US and growing!

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Project Management

DMH Solar works closely with investors, developers, and businesses to provide seamless integration between all stages of the installation process.


Our employees are OSHA trained and have Heavy Equipment Certifications to maintain a safe and compliant site.


Our experience in solar sets us above our competitors and you will have peace of mind knowing we can deliver a quality project in some of the most difficult terrain.


From Fixed Tilt arrays or trackers, our in-house crews can handle projects of any size from posts to panels.


Our fleet of Doyle Rambo 500 post pounders have the ability to install posts up to 20’ in length.


Specializing in high-risk refusal sites, DMH has the equipment and skill to deliver a quality post install no matter what the terrain is with our fleet of drill rigs.